The following are classmates we have addresses for, but no emails

Kelly Burton, Kathleen Clemons, Dan Dube, William Dube, Steve Gagnon, Margaret Haefner.  Their email would be great.

The following are classmates we have not made any contact with.  Any info would be appreciated.  
Joe Albert, Jason Arakelian, Leon Arel, Michael DeJesus,  Steve Gibson, Lori Meehan, Christine Messina, Kevin Moreau, Sandra Netto, Richard O'Dea, Beth Owen, Jen Perkins, Erika Rayel, Tracey Roebke, Brian Sandall, Dan Shiebler, Andrea Stanley, Eric Varney, Pascalle Vondenhoff, Adina Walters, Rob Woodman, Randy Wyman

The following appeared by name or picture in our 88 yearbook, but for whatever reason did no go through commencement with us.  They are still welcomed.  

Mike Albert, Mike Deputat, Rob Francoeur, Chris Mackey, Tim Patnaude, Keith Tremblay, Janet Sperberg, Eric Stiles, Lori Dering

Anybody else that at one time was a member of the class is welcome as well!

If you have any info please reach me at or send me a message on my class info page.  Hope life is treating you well.  Thanks Todd Ellis